Production line floor plates 

Technical Specifications

Year  2021 
Project  Fully automated floor plate plant 
Client  VBI 
Disciplines  Main contractor, project management, concept and detail engineering, construction, automation, assembly, commissioning, optimization and service & maintenance 

VBI Integral Floor – Prefab Next Level 

The VBI Integral floor was developed by VBI for serial, residential housing construction on an industrialized scale to achieve a substantial reduction of failure costs and construction times. 

As a turn-key machine builder, KTB-Machinery, together with our sister company Consmema, took on the entire process from concept engineering to commissioning the production line and all the steps in between. After a successful implementation and start-up phase, production at this plant is now running at full capacity. The Machinery Group is proud of their contribution to the production facility. 

The prefabricated floor solution provides a completely smooth finish on both floor and ceiling sides, a possible integrated stairwell, and contains preinstalled technical installations, ready for accelerated completion. This significantly reduces construction, coordination time and all related construction costs. 

The floor plates are made in an automated carousel with rotating steel moulds. In the carousel, the installation of the house is fully inserted into the floor, this is done in several horizontal steps. 

After the installation of the equipment, the mould is automatically closed and tilted by 90 degrees to a vertical position, after which the concrete can be poured.
After its stay in the curing chamber, the mould is collected, tilted to a horizontal position and automatically opened. The ready-to-use product is removed from the mould through a specially developed handling tool. 

Because installations are integrated into the floor during production, construction activities are much less dependent on each other. This improves project planning, reduces failure costs and increases turnaround time. 

KTB Machinery and Consmema are proud of their contribution to this challenging project in all respects. In 2022, the plant will be further developed together with Consolis VBI into a fully automated precast floors plant. 

Like to know more about VBI Integral floor? Click here for the first practical project with VBI integral floor of Klokgroep, or click here for the product brochure of VBI Integral floor. 

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