Pand 2021

About us

At the end of 2015, KTB-Machinery was established to boost turn-key projects in the concrete sector and in mechanical engineering. KTB-Machinery has expert knowledge of and experience in fully automated production lines including control systems.

We are specialists in developing and building machines and production lines for the concrete industry. During the development process, we will work closely with you, as our client. This is the only route to the best solution. The route includes all disciplines: mechanical, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, control and robotics. We have the knowledge and expertise that you require.

Why not use our knowledge and experience in concrete to get the right advice. We will work together with our sister company Consmema, long-term specialists in the design and production of concrete moulds. We also take responsibility for the process of realization. Core of our services is flexibility in all areas. So if you may need to take a step back in order to make the right decision, you can do so.

We have extensive experience trading and working with large products in the concrete industry. We will apply this knowledge and expertise in newly developed logistics solutions in various manufacturing industries. So, whenever large logistic operations are required and products are to be built in series, we offer appropriate solutions.

Our specialists are pragmatists who will think out of the box to provide the best complete project management. Our pragmatic approach and out of the box solutions fit in perfectly well with Consmema and Rothi. Together, these three companies form The Machinery Group.