About us

About KTB Machinery

KTB Machinery was established as an addition to Consmema in 2015, part of The Machinery Group, with the aim of enriching the concrete industry and machine construction with innovative turn-key projects. We are experts in developing and implementing fully automated production lines, including control systems.

Expertise in machine construction and production lines

Our specialty lies in developing and building machines and production lines specifically for the concrete industry and manufacturing industry. We believe that the best solutions are created through close collaboration with you, our customer. During this process, we involve you in all aspects of development, from mechanics and electronics to pneumatics, hydraulics, control, and robotics. We have the expertise in-house to support you in all these areas. In addition, we also offer you the necessary knowledge and experience with concrete itself. Together with our sister company Consmema, an expert in designing and producing concrete moulds, we can provide you with the right advice for your project. We are also ready to take care of the entire realization process for you.

Collaboration and flexibility

What characterizes collaboration for us is our flexibility. We understand that projects sometimes require a pause to make the right decisions. That’s why we offer you the space to do this when necessary.

Logistical solutions for large-scale production

Our experience with working with large products in the concrete industry has given us valuable insights. We apply this knowledge when developing new logistical solutions for various production industries. If large logistical operations are required and products are produced in series, we have the appropriate solution for you.

Complete project management

Our specialists are pragmatic and creative. They think ‘out of the box’ and guide you during the entire project management. In this way, we seamlessly connect to the needs of your company and, together with our sister companies Consmema and Rothi, form a strong group: The Machinery Group.