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Manufacturing Industry

Increase your production efficiency with KTB Machinery 

In today’s rapidly changing world, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies is more important than ever. This is especially true in the Manufacturing Industry, where efficiency and innovation go hand in hand. It’s essential to work with partners who not only have the knowledge and experience but also the drive to elevate production processes to a higher level. This is where KTB Machinery plays a crucial role.

The expert in Machine Construction and Production Optimization

 KTB Machinery is the expert in developing and building machines and production optimization for the Manufacturing Industry. Whether you work in automotive, recycling, paper and cardboard industry, wood industry, rubber industry, or metal industry, our professionals are ready to assist you. With their knowledge and experience, combined with our extensive machinery park, they ensure that your wishes are translated into an optimal end product. No project is too big or too small for us. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in fully automated production lines, including controls, we are your reliable partner for innovative solutions in the Manufacturing Industry.

Custom Solutions

We master all disciplines: mechanical, electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, control, and robotics. We have the expertise to offer you a complete solution. We like to think outside the box and innovate to help you improve. We don’t offer a standard solution but strive to provide you with the best custom solution for your production site.

Sustainable Building, Together with You

We see our customers as partners with whom we want to build sustainably. We invest in sustainable relationships for the long term and always welcome you. Our modern premises, equipped with a heat pump and a large number of solar panels, enable us to produce our innovative solutions in a completely energy-neutral manner. Are you ready to start building sustainably? We are ready for the future, ready for you. When can we help you?

Your Project, Our Concern

Are you currently working on an interesting project where we can relieve you of your worries? We are ready to help you ensure optimal production and reliable performance. We are happy to take over your challenging projects from A to Z.

We are happy to assist you in the areas of:

  • Production optimization
  • Robotization & automation
  • Mould & product handling
  • Lifting equipment
  • Turn-key projects
  • Custom machine construction
  • Maintenance

We look forward to receiving your quote request! Contact us and discover how we can increase your production efficiency.

‘Together we build smarter on the works for tomorrow’

Do you want to optimize your modular housing production process?

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They went before you

Below is a small selection of various completed assignments in the Manufacturing Industry:

Custom lifting installation for placing modular housing elements at the construction site

KTB Machinery has designed and delivered a smart lifting installation turnkey for our client. The modular housing elements are lifted from the truck at the construction site with our custom lifting installation and placed on the foundations. Due to varying dimensions of housing elements, we have designed a lifting installation that is adjustable. The lifting frame is equipped with hydraulically adjustable length and width settings. Additionally, it has the ability to compensate for or create angular displacement in 2 directions. The lifting frame has its own power supply and is equipped with a radio control. Only a construction crane is needed further. Would you also like a custom solution for your logistical challenge or do you want to optimize your production process? Contact us today! We are happy to help with out of the box solutions!

Production optimization – Smurfit Kappa Zedek BV

New sorting machine – Europal Packaging

Our Challenge

Creating the possibility for interim control of a batch of packaged cardboard in the production line.

Our Solution

After an extensive inventory at our client’s site of the existing situation, our experts at KTB Machinery have devised a smart solution. For the optimization of our client’s production line, we have implemented a conveyor belt with the possibility for sampling control of a batch of packaged cardboard in the production line. It is now possible to sample a batch to see if the desired output is being delivered.

Our Contribution

Turnkey project from engineering to commissioning including control hardware and software.

BEV3 fixture – Scania

The BEV3 fixture is used for the pre-assembly of the truck’s side skirt (side spoilers). The parts are pre-assembled after painting to be mounted as a prefab component on the truck. The fixture can handle all possible side skirt configurations and is tiltable so that the product can be picked up with a lifting aid without being damaged (sliding).

Tire track turning station Castor & Pollux – Scania

This turning station in the tire track of the Castor and Pollux production line delivered by KTB-Machinery to Scania Productions.

Steel plate exchanger

Mouldtrackt.b.v. in-output under mould- Villeroy & Boch

Our challenge

Villeroy & Boch wanted to produce a new product in the current machines, but the product could not be removed from the mold with the existing product handler due to the available space. This created a demand to be able to remove the bottom part of the mold to remove the product. The molds must be placed with a repeat accuracy of +/-0.1mm.

Our solution

KTB Machinery has developed, produced and installed a concept for this, so that several new products can be produced on this machine in the future.