Production line concrete pipe

In 2013 KTB-Machinery developed and built a brand new machine for sewer pipe manufacturer Kijlstra in Drachten to make SCC sewer pipes (self-compacting concrete). 

This was a revolution in the industry that had  only experience with automated production of pipes made from earth-moist concrete.  The moulds are suitable for pipe sizes from Ø300 to Ø1500 mm inner diameter. The machines guarantee optimal production in a fully automated process. Only 3 people are needed for a production process that used to need more than 10 people. KTB-Machinery devised a carousel system in which the moulds are opened and closed through a smart automatic system. After extensive tests, a core was developed that keeps deviations of the inner diameter of the concrete pipe at zero along its entire length. The pipe’s finish is as smooth as glass. This technical system is unique compared to the traditional way of manufacturing pipes that are internally tapering and quite rough.

Fitting pieces required for sewer systems always presented problems connecting to the next pipe or drain. Shortening pipes was not possible due to the water tightness of the seals.

Filling the mould with concrete is also automated. To get pipes of a better quality, pumps were used instead of pouring from above. This process virtually eliminates any air entrapment. The use of SCC instead of earth-moist concrete eliminates the need for vibrating. Working in a plant like this is a relief to work. No hearing protection is needed and machines and moulds last longer.

Technical Specifications

Year 2014
Project Fully automated variable concrete pipe plant
Client Kijlstra Riolering
Disciplines Main contractor, project management, concept and detail engineering, construction, automation, assembly, commissioning, optimization and service & maintenance
Specifications Carousel system, 74 battery moulds, 5-min takt time
Dimensions 300mm to 1500mm diameter
Robots 3 pieces for cleaning & oiling
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