Production line drain covers 

From 2017 to 2021, KTB-Machinery together with TBS-SVA Group, converted an older drain cover production line into a state of the art production line which is almost fully automated. This production line can handle different products with varying dimensions. Completion of the project reduced processing time considerably. By the integration of automated systems (robots, vision and ERP linkage(MES)), KTB-Machinery could reduce the failure rate for TBS-SVA Group to almost zero.   

Recent years have seen a transition from earth-moist concrete to SCC. This has led to the development and implementation of new machines. Our sister company Consmema developed an entirely new precision steel mould set, which guaranteed the product quality and increased automation. 

Eventually, we jointly developed a production line for TBS-SVA Group which is directly linked to their own ERP system. The production line uses several specially designed systems and applications and uses 2 robots. One of the robots has a vision system to partly control the process. 

KTB-Machinery, as a partner, is currently completing the process of training the operators of TBS-SVA Group and technical service to ensure that they can operate and maintain the machines independently.

KTB-Machinery and Consmema look back on a great project and the good cooperation with TBS-SVA Group!

Technical Specifications

Year  2021 
Project scope  Optimizing & modernizing drain cover plant through automation and robotization 
Client  TBS-SVA 
Disciplines  Main contractor, project management, concept and detail engineering, construction, automation, assembly, commissioning, optimization and service & maintenance 
Details  45 Battery moulds, variable drain covers and edges, 2 robots for handling, vision system 
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