Pand 2021

KTB Machinery. Your partner

After the initial contact, a KTB project manager will be your contact. He will discuss the job, in person or otherwise, and make sure the order process is clear. He will be the point of contact for all your questions. He is supported by specialized KTB staff. The project manager is a technical expert and the ideal sparring partner for your project.


After an initial inventory, KTB will propose an action plan. As a rule our proposal contains a direction towards a solution and a pathway to jointly develop a final offer. Depending on the complexity of the offer, we will prepare an immediate quote or an estimation.


We will try to prepare a cost estimate and schedule for the proposed concept. The next step is the concept phase. Together with you, we will go into the preconditions and the requirements for the machine or production line. We will examine solutions and draw up a 3D drawing as the basis for further discussion.

If all parties agree with the 3D plan and its principles, we can update budgets and prepare a final quote and schedule.


KTB has their own group of engineers. When necessary, we will use third party contractors with whom we have worked extensively. They will always provide their expertise under the direction of KTB-Machinery. After approval of drawings, our sister company Consmema, or another partner, will produce the various machines. In-house production of the machines means that we are flexible and that you can rely on the best specialists working on your product. Commissioning is always carried out by our own people. They will take full responsibility for the faultless transfer to you as a customer. Our motto is that we will not leave until your machinery is working as it is meant to be.